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We represent a wide variety of clients to help ensure your needs can be met with the highest level of service possible.

Industrial Application Platforms: Embedded and Applied Computing Solutions, Measurement and Automation, Mobile Industrial

High Performance Heat Sinks (Air, Liquid, Active and Passive), Mechanical and Thermal Design Services

High Performance Ethernet Switches; Metro, Enterprise, NID, SDN and PHY Solutions

Whitebox Switching Solutions: Ethernet, SDN, PTN, NID and Metro Applications

End-to-End Embedded Power, DC Power Systems, UPS, Power Switching

Critical Power Distribution, UPS, Transfer Switches and Turnkey Datacenter Containers

Modulator Driver, Transimpedance Amp, CDR, 100G PHY/SerDes, High-Speed Logic, OTN Processors

LCD Panels, Custom Enclosures, Video and Touch Interfaces, “Intelligent” Displays

CMOS Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner ICs. ISDB-T Mobile TV Tuners.

Hypervisor, Linux, Multicore Framework, Nucleus RTOS, Sourcery Analyzer and CodeBench

AC/DC Offline, Audio, Automotive, LDO, Motor Drive, Precision Analog, Switching Regulator, Lighting Solutions, PoE, USB and Current Limit Load Switch

Enterprise and Consumer SSD Solutions: SATA, PCI Express, Storage Accelerator Software

Capacitors, EMC Components, Inductors, Transformers, Ferrites, Nonlinear Resistors, Piezoelectric Products, Sensors, RF Components, SAW Filters

ASIC, Analog and Peripheral ICs, Logic and Small Signal Discrete, Microwave, LCD, Opto, RF Devices, Medium and High Power Products, NAND Flash Memory, MCP, Microcontrollers/ Processors

Enterprise and Client Storage Solutions: Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, Hybrid Drives

FPGA (Artix, Kintex, Virtex, Spartan), 3D IC (Stacked Silicon Interconnect), Zynq (All Programmable SoC), CPLDs, Configuration Memory, SW and Design Tools, Targeted Design Platforms, IP

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