Management Team

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    Tony Gann - President, HuntsvilleTony embraces technological changes through self education and personal growth. He believes that learning is a life-long process and, just like the industry, he always strives to evolve. His big picture thinking and outstanding business acumen ensures continued success. His peers describe him as an extremely focused, strong business leader.

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    Andy Thompson - Managing Partner, Huntsville Andy enjoys being a part of the technology advancement with manufacturers and helping customers become knowledgeable about new technologies to enable them to build better products. He is known for digging deeper into the customer’s end market to gain adequate understanding of the customer’s needs. He is described as one who is highly technical and challenges the status quo.

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    Danny McDaniel - Managing Partner, Atlanta Danny always strives to grow as a salesperson in this fast-changing and dynamic industry. He combines his strengths with those of others in order to constantly improve. He keeps up with the technological world by studying new solution trends and market directions that drive technology. Danny is described as a kind person with unparalleled customer relations.

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    Tim Phillips - Managing Partner, Raleigh Tim believes that execution is an outcome of preparation. He strives to listen, learn, and apply thorough processes in order to ensure excellence. He is dedicated to investing his time and energy in keeping abreast of constantly advancing technologies. Tim is known for his strong collaborative nature and high integrity.

Huntsville Sales Engineers

  • Tony Gann   Andy Thompson   Lee Griffin

Atlanta Sales Engineers

  • Danny McDaniel   Rick Cochran   Marty Everett   Christa McDaniel

Raleigh Sales Engineers

  • Tim Phillips   Ben Mulligan  Jason Arceneaux 

Inside Sales/Administrative Associates

  • Bobbi Sevigney Crystal Duty Ky Harlan Kim Meenach Tonja Matthews Paulette Kittle Pam Gann